A whimsical(-ish) representation of the dialog that might maybe could be taking place among players in the world: those who run things and their minions.

04 July 2015

Introduction to Apparatchistan and the Apparatchiks

Once upon a time there was a small country--Apparatchistan was its name--where the rulers were absolute and their thirst for ever-increasing share of the people's wealth and choice was compounded daily. The dupes of the regime, the people known as Apparatchiks, had been infantilized, made stupid and dependent, by a
long barrage of scientifically designed educational and media practices. They were so well duped that they wanted to reach out and share their "better way" withall the world.

Thus, they spread like dandelion seeds or cottonwood (volcano ash?) in the four winds of the world and sprouted up the same systems in every nation and country on Earth.

Today, they are "They," "The Powers That Be (TPTB)," and they "don't exist," if you believe the media. (And who wouldn't? Apparatchiks control that, too!) They have ginned up an amoral economic platform and worthless money, by which they whip recalcitrant nations into submission or death; either way is fine with them, although they are only now moving over from slightly favoring the submission to preferring death. ...not their own, mind you. YOURS.

Death and destruction. They speak pretty openly. This is because they have succeeded in the infantilization of much of the world, and the rest? "Oh, we'll deal with them presently." INDEED.

This reporting tool is the means by which the few, the proud--who really are proud enough to reject Apparatchistan's repugnant siren song of war-making for fun and profit--report their findings pertaining to Apparatchiks' actions and words. Sometimes behind the scenes and other times right out there in the Press for all to see.

The LETTERS--the behind the scenes sorta-like reporting--are fictional. Sadly, we don't have a fly on the wall in their private correspondence or their chambers, so we can only guess... but the public behavior... that's the words that speak so loudly and give us an idea of what might just be going on there...

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